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Our Process

We have simplified the insurance shopping process. We invite you to experience the difference. We work with you, our client, to help protect you, your family, your business, and your assets.

People First

You have hopes and dreams for your future. But you need to protect what you already have. We want to help you make your dreams for the future a reality by protecting what you have already acheived. We are in the business of assuring your dreams come true. Our goal is to provide you value added information before recommending a potential solution. We are actual people just like you, with families and assets to protect, and we will talk to you like people. Unlike other firms which only focus on wealthy individuals or large businesses, our practice focuses exclusivily on middle America and small business owners. We strive to bring you the same level of expertise and service to you that other firms only offer to their largeset VIP clients. To us, all of our clients are VIP's! We provide practical advice that can be applied specifically to your unique circumstance and situation. See how our pledge to put people first makes all the difference.

Needs Analysis

We begin our process with a comprehensive needs analysis designed to asses your risk exposure and risk tolerance. We have created a proprietary computer based system to help generate an personalized holistic profile based off your risk profile. It's all about you, our client. You may begin your needs based analysis online, over the phone, or in person with one of our licensed professionals. Our system positions you to better understand the risk in your life, how to minimize those risks, and how best to protect against financial loss. With a completed comprehensive needs based analysis in hand, it is our goal to act as your coach and trusted insurance adviser.

Risk Management

In this phase, we try to help you minimize your risks that have been identified. Once we have your completed needs based analysis, we then focus on strategic "non-insurance" risk management options available to you. Our overall goal in this stage is to help you understand how to take an active role in managing your risk and help you avoid unnecessary risk. Many of our recommendations are designed to reduce your exposure to risk, which in turn will lower your out of pocket expenses and insurance premiums. We provide our risk management strategies free of charge to you after completeing your needs based analysis whether you choose to impliment one of our insurance solutions or not. It is a way for us to say, "Thank you."

Insurance Solutions

Once we have a good assesment of your needs and we know what you are trying to protect against, and we have minimized your exposure to those risks utilizing risk management strategies, only then do we recommend an insurance solution. We make recommendations on ways to transfer your risk to insurance carriers. Our insurance solutions are custom tailored to best fit your needs, your risk appetite, and your budget while protecting you against future financial loss. We invite you to reach out to us today, and begin the process.

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