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Recession-proof Retirement

A good stepping stone towards a more balanced, recession-proof retirement portfolio is to use the "100 Age Rule". Run this simple calculation: Subtract your age from 100. The answer you get should be close the percentage of your assets that are "at risk". Your age should then serve as the percentage of your assets allocated in "safe" money investments. However, this is only a rule of thumb. If you need to take income from your investments, you will need an in-depth Investment Risk Review

Retirement Road Map

In our special report, "Retirement Road Map", you will learn how retirement planning can be like planning for a journey to a new destination – a place where thinking is different.

To learn more about the five phases of retirement and how to create a comprehensive financial plan to take care of your changing needs in retirement, contact us and order our complementary Report "Retirement Road Map".

Social Security Maximizer

Learn how to maximize the amount you will receive from Social Security over your lifetime, and minimize the effects of taxation on your social security benefit you have earned and rely on.

  • "How does my other income affect my benefit?"
  • "When should I start taking social security?"
  • "How much social security will I get?"

Contact us to answer six questions, and receive a personalized social security optimization plan and get a personalized report that will show you exactly when to start taking social security to maximize your benefit and minimize your tax consequences.

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