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Do You Want To Save Time or Money? Pick Both!

December 5th, 2013 by admin

clock-dollarSignWe live in a new world where everything is online. We can go to WebMD and self diagnose ourselves before we go to the doctor and get her professional opinion. How often are we convinced that we have some unthinkable disease thanks to our own research, only to find out it’s not as bad as we thought? Or when shopping for a new car, we read every online review study the stats before we finally go test drive the car. And we know more about the car than the salesman! The same is true when shopping for a health insurance plan. The truth is, you know what is most important to you. Low monthly premium, low max out of pocket, brand name prescription drug coverage, generally everyone has a specific issue that is most important to them when shopping. When we are shopping we may log in to several sites, see the rates, compare to several other sites, try to get free ObamaCare online, (Which doesn't exist for most of us) Finally we call an agent. And we may either know what we want, or at least know what questions we want answered. Sometimes though, just like when we were sure we had West Nile Virus, and it turns out to be the common cold. Or we think we wanted that sports car, until we drove it. We may be pleasantly surprised when we finally do speak to a knowledgeable insurance professional about our insurance. The truth is, there are hundreds of plans in multiple competitive markets. There are ways to get coverage even after open enrollment periods have closed. And the price, although high, is more affordable than a hospital stay without insurance. So save yourself some time, and call us to discuss your health insurance needs, wants, and budget. We offer on exchange plans as well as off exchange plans. Individual and Family based plans, as well as Small Business Group Plans. We look forward to saving you time and money. Why not chose both? Call us.

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