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February 28th, 2014 by admin

Real estate agents have a lot of contacts. Normally, they refer their clients to a preferred mortgage advisor. They also have a preferred escrow company representative they use for all of their transactions. Same goes for the home warranty company and the title insurance representative. One thing missing from a lot of real estate advisors' business plan, however, is an insurance advisor. By incorporating an independent insurance advisor into their business plan, real estate agents can close more transactions throughout the year. Also, they can make sure that those transactions run smoothly and efficiently so their clients are able to close escrow on time and have a pleasant experience through the buying process. Real estate agents sell more than property; they sell lifestyles. By incorporating home warranty, escrow, mortgage, and insurance into an integrated business plan, real estate agents can offer their clients the concierge-level service they expect. At Morgan Hege Insurance Agency, LLC, we specialize in real estate transactions. We're focused on the actual transaction and understand the deadlines and the challenges that need to be overcome in order for the client to close escrow successfully. Along with the mortgage company and the escrow company, we all work together as a cohesive unit behind the scenes for the real estate agent to make sure their clients go through escrow smoothly and efficiently, and that they're satisfied with the level of service that they receive.

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