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Flood Insurance

Do You Need Flood or
Earth Quake Insurance?

Here is the problem. Many people opt out of the Flood and Earthquake coverage because they assume they do not need these types of policies if they are not required by the mortgage company.

What they don't realize is that many times these policies can either be added to their existing coverage for a discount in overall premium, or we can find alternative affordable stand alone coverage.

Consider this. Besides California, there have been tsunamis and landslides in Japan, Hawaii, and Alaska that have caused significant coast line property damage, and even more sadly, loss of life.

Shouldn't you insure your property against all perils, not just wind and fire?

Additionally, there are hundreds of earthquakes every year in California, some we never feel, and others we never forget.

It is important to making an informed decision about how to protect one of your largest assets; your home.

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