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Morgan Hege and Seth Arruda. Welcome to the agency. Now that we know a little bit about you, let us share a little bit about us. We are a local independent insurance agency located at 2055 Thibodo Rd, Suite B, in Vista, CA.

We specialize in personal and commercial insurance for our clients. We also work with many business partners locally and specialize in real estate and property insurance.

One thing that we have noticed is, a lot of our new customers are missing some important discounts like bundling their home and auto together. If you've recently moved, it might make sense to give us a call and see if we can bundle your home and auto and save you some additional money.

There are many other discounts that you may be missing out on. We'd love the opportunity to do a full comprehensive review of all of your insurance in your household. Contact us at 1-877-758-7587 or email us at

Insurance Agency Vista CA

Many people do not understand the difference between insurance agencies. Some insurance companies appoint agents that are captive, meaning their agents work for one insurance company. Captive Insurance Agencies can only recommend the products sold by that insurance company.

However, there are also something called independent insurance agencies. An Independent Insurance Agency works for their clients, not the insurance company. The difference is settle, but significant. It means you can change insurance companies, but keep your local agent relationship.

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